LFC International Football Academy - DSK Shivajians

Photography - Official Liverpool International Football Academy - DSK Shivajians photographs/footage may betaken which may be used in promotional materials. I hereby give permission for this.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this application and undertake to abide by them.I undertake to accept the decision of management of the academy which shall be binding on me.

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Terms & Conditions

1. This application form is intended to provide the Academy with basic information of the applicant for any further discussion. The Academy will contact
     you at our discretion on the assessment of information provided by you.

2. The Academy is under no obligation to admit the applicant on the basis of this application.

3. The Applicant will have to undergo selections first. His progression will be based on the selection criteria set by the Academy.

4. The Applicant born on or between 31st May 1998 and 1st June 1999 will be admitted to U-17 age-group. The Applicant born on or between 31st May 1996 and 1st June 1997 will be admitted to U-19 age-group.

5. The Shortlisted Applicant will undergo strict age verification tests. The Applicant shall submit appropriate documents to prove his age. Applicants found
     guilty of producing false information/documents with regards to the above information will be disqualified.

6. The Academy reserves right to use photographs/ footage in any promotional activities of the Academy.

7. The Academy or any of its officials shall not have any liability in respect of any loss or damage to the property or any bodily injury whilst attending the
     selections of the Academy.

8. The Applicant shall bring with him proper football kit including but not limited to appropriate footwear, warm/waterproof clothing, shin pads, gloves, etc.

9. Any form of bullying is strictly restricted.

10. The Applicants are expected to be polite and courteous to the Academy staff and peers and follow instructions.

11. Any alcoholic and illegal substances are strictly prohibited and anyone found to be in possession of such items will be dismissed immediately.

12. Those Applicants to whom intimation of his admission is given shall only be admitted to the Academy on the terms of Admission.

13. Decisions of the Management of the Academy shall be final.