• FAQs

Will there be any academic support provided to the players?

Since the players are from a very diversified backgrounds, group tutorials will be arranged in certain subjects.

Is the academy open only for boys?

The academy will be open to boys. We will be hosting soccer schools in the near future. Female players can register their interest on: info@dskshivajians.com

Will players registering for selections require to pay a registration fee?

Players registering and participating in the selections do not need to pay a fee. Only players selected for the academy require to complete payment of the annual fee.

Will there be scholarships available to players?

There will be scholarships available to certain players. Selections are purely merit based. Further details will be provided to players selected for this.

How many players will be selected for each age-group?

The number of selections will depend on the number of slots available for that particular season.

Will the players be provided with food and water during the selections?

The players will be required to bring their own food and water on the days of the selections.

Will football kit be provided?

Players coming for selections would be required to bring two sets of unbranded kit along with football boots, stockings and shin pads.

What happens if a player is injured or unwell during the selections?

There will be a doctor present on the selection days. The LFC International Academy - DSK Shivajians is not responsible for any injuries/illness sustained during the selection process.

When and where will the venues be published?

Venues for the selections will be published on our website and Facebook page. These will be subject to change.

How will players be selected for the academy?

Selection of players into the academy will be purely merit based. The coaches and technical staff will make the final decision.

Do the coaches have valid criminal checks and Safeguarding Children qualification to ensure the players welfare is kept in mind?

The coaches from LFC have a valid CRB(Criminal Records Bureau) and Safeguarding Children qualification through The FA, England.

Will the players have a medical examination prior to being selected to the academy?

All players will be required to complete a full medical examination prior to being selected. Players will also be required to present their birth certificates.

How do I complete payment if I'm selected for the academy?

Players that are selected for the Academy will be given further information on the payment methods.

Will there be insurance provided to the players who are selected for the academy?

Insurance will be provided to the players selected for the academy. More details will be provided once the players have been selected.

When will players be informed of the starting and moving dates into the academy?

After the final selections have taken place, players will be informed within two weeks of the start date of the academy.

Will visas be provided to International players?

International players would be responsible to obtain the visa themselves. For any assistance please feel free to contact us.

Is there internet connectivity at the Academy?

Yes, internet connectivity is provided in every room through LAN cables. However, WiFi is available in common areas such as library, recreational area and cafeteria.